"We have used NRC in the past and have found their consultants to be highly knowledgeable in both functional and technical aspects."

IT Manager, Madison Gas & Electric

Success Stories

Throughout the website we describe our offerings. What it is. How we differentiate ourselves. And how it all benefits you. Sometimes, no matter how clearly we try to spell it out, it’s best communicated—not by us—but by the clients we helped succeed.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, NC | PeopleSoft Security Tool

Wake Forest Baptist Health wished to implement a process that would enable them to increase efficiencies and improve cost savings associated with the security lifecycle of their PeopleSoft system.  Implementation of New Resources Consulting’s PeopleSoft Security Tool has provided Wake Forest the ability to build off of their existing security structure, while streamlining work efforts and increasing system availability.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, NC | Managed Services

Wake Forest Baptist Health desired constant support (24x 7x365) for all of their PeopleSoft 9.1 modules, as well as the integration points between PeopleSoft and specified third party systems.  The scope of services included application administration, service support and evolutionary enhancements.

With a team ofhighly skilled individuals, NRC currently provides round-the-clock support for all Wake Forest PeopleSoft modules, including Human Capital Management, Financial and Supply Chain Management, and Campus Solutions.  Services include the application of PeopleSoft patches, system security, report distribution, interfaces, business workflow changes, and change management, as well as support for business cyclical events (example: Open Enrollment, Merit Cycles, Month End, etc.).  In addition to end user support, NRC has also provided resources for multiple PeopleSoft project initiatives.

"NRC’s Enterprise Solutions Group successfully supplements Wake Forest Baptist Health’s internal IT department by providing comprehensive managed services in support of our critical enterprise PeopleSoft application. Their partnership has been instrumental - enabling Wake Forest to increase operational efficiencies while reducing operating costs."

Associate Vice President for Academic and Administrative Systems, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Wake Forest Baptist Health, NC |Oracle Cloud Services

The team of Oracle Consulting and New Resources Consulting was recently selected by Wake Forest Baptist Health to deliver Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud implementation services.  The project is the first Oracle Cloud implementation conducted for a large-sized academic healthcare organization.

The project will be conducted using a comprehensive structured implementation approach:  Project Design, Configuration, Validation, Transition, and Realization.  In addition to providing the Project Manager, Functional Leads, Consultants, and Analysts, NRC will be responsible for all Change Management and Managed Services activities.

NRC currently provides Wake Forest Baptist Health with round-the-clock support for all of their PeopleSoft modules, including Human Capital Management, Financial and Supply Chain Management, and Campus Solutions.  Services include the application of PeopleSoft patches, system security, report distribution, interfaces, business workflow changes, and change management, as well as support for business cyclical events (example: Open Enrollment, Merit Cycles, Month End, etc.).   The support will continue during the Cloud transition.


A New Resources Consulting consultant served as a Senior Application Lead for the Skanska HCM Cloud Implementation, with for interface design (AN100), application set-ups (DS030), scheduled processes, and security recommendations, as well as overall project liaison with implementation partner.  Subsequently, NRC provided the coordination of upgrades with other modules, P2T, resizing, SSO, workforce structure updates, and training and pod administration.

Sensient Technologies, WI | PeopleSoft Implementation

New Resources Consulting was responsible for a comprehensive PeopleSoft deployment to incorporate all Sensient Technologies global entities into the PeopleSoft modules of Core Human Resources / Internal Resume and Talent Acquisition Management and Candidate Gateway.

With facilities in thirty-seven (37) countries, installation of the PeopleSoft modules provides the international divisions of Sensient Technologies with the ability to more efficiently develop internal resumes, manage employee data, acquire talent, improve reporting, and streamline business processes.

The project, conducted over a ten (10) month period, provides Sensient Technologies employees access to:

  • A global employee database to present real-time reports, compensation information, organizational charts, etc.
  • An internal resume system for international employees for the purpose of talent review, management resource planning, succession management and internal promotions.



Markel Insurance, WI |SQL Server Consulting

Throughout our long history with Markel Insurance, NRC has provided key staff members to assist in numerous SQL Server engagements. Most recently, our consultant designed and implemented a set of ETL streams to process twenty (20) years of insurance data from three (3) separate source systems.  SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 2012 were used to develop the 80+ SSIS packages within the code base.  The overall effort included extracting data from the source system, manipulating and cleansing the data, then outputting to standardize file formats for subsequent loading into the corporate data warehouse.  Design goals included fast performance, a simple design and preference for parameterized code reuse.


New Resources Consulting implemented the Talent Review and Succession Management functionality for a global business unit. This process included coordination across various functional areas with special care applied to privacy laws in different areas of the globe.  NRC consultants produced multiple succession plan “slates” for key roles in Manitowoc Company’s organization, created “pools” to facilitate the creation of development plans for promising employees, and configured an effective talent review “dashboard” to allow business leaders an easy way to identify, develop and track talented individuals within their line of business.

Madison Gas and Electric, WI | PeopleSoft Upgrade

Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E) wished to upgrade their existing Financial and Supply Chain modules from PeopleSoft 9.0 to PeopleSoft 9.2. In addition, they wanted to implement new module components (eProcurement, PO Change Order and Journal Workflow) into their enterprise application.

Utilizing NRC consultants and MGE subject matter experts, the comprehensive system upgrade and module implementation was successfully completed in a nine-month period. The upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 provided MG&E with new desired functionality, including the Item Loader Template and Accounts Payable and General Ledger Work Centers. Implementation of the new module components helped MG&E increase system operations by requiring less customizations to standardize business processes.

"We have found NRC consultants to be highly knowledgeable in both the functional and technical aspects of the PeopleSoft modules. In the future, when we decide to do another PeopleSoft upgrade, we will definitely utilize NRC."

IT Manager, Madison Gas & Electric

Dean Health Systems, WI | Data Sciences

NRC professionals provided real-time replication from EIPC Clarity to an operational data store and then into a dimensional data warehouse. The data warehouse was patient and provider-centric, as well as multi-organizational (regional) and included other sources such as HR and finance.

All regulatory compliance and organizational analytics were calculated within the warehouse, including chronic disease, KPIs, Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) measures and analytics-based third party data. Data marts were created for each subject area where visualization tools (Qlik & Tableau) allowed users to interact with the information.

The solution also included four (4) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) data marts. As the company was multi-organizational (regional), due to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations, each region required their own ACO and, subsequently, their own unique ACO data mart. Each data mart was completely secured and isolated to the information for its designated ACO. Information from the data warehouse, as well as third party data, was supplemented into each ACO data mart for enhanced analysis capabilities. Analytics were calculated in each data mart and presented to end users via visualization tools. CMS ACO guidelines stipulated that each ACO data mart had to be secure (i.e. not backed up to any central repository) and it had to be demonstrable that all information could be destroyed permanently if required.

Confidential Client, IL |PeopleSoft Optimatics Roadmap

NRC conducted a comprehensive PeopleSoft Financials Roadmap Roundtable for a prestigious Chicago-based organization, who has been a mainstay in Chicago for more than 100 years.  The organization operates as three different entities, resulting in a PeopleSoft installation that is not optimized nor easily consolidated at most levels.  The various entities are comprised of Accounting, Treasury, Strategic Sourcing, Budgeting, Risk Management, Legal, Information Services and Human Resources.

They desired a defined strategic roadmap of their PeopleSoft enterprise system with identified short-term, mid-term, and long-term targets to further support their culture of continuous improvement.  Over 30 Quick Wins, Mid-term and Long-term recommendations were made to allow for a continuous stream of value and benefits.

"NRC brought a wealth of PeopleSoft business and application knowledge that allowed us to define short-term, mid-term and long-term targets to create a culture of continuous improvement. They leveraged our knowledgebase to deliver practical and achievable solutions."

Director of Financial Information Systems


The team of Oracle Consulting Services and New Resources Consulting is currently assisting the City of Atlanta in their Oracle Cloud HCM implementation. New Resources Consulting is responsible for designing and configuring Oracle Cloud HCM security, as well as the implementation of Oracle Learning.

Baird Department of Labor Legislation

Baird, like all financial firms, was mandated to comply with the Department of Labor's new legislation that provides rules on how IRA accounts are to be managed to ensure that financial advisors are acting in the best interests of their clients. With this shift to a fiduciary responsibility, key business process systems needed to be modified to update how compensation structures, fee schedules, business process, etc. function to ensure that the firm complies with the new regulations and to ensure that financial advisors are not conflicted between serving their best interests against the best interests of their clients. These changes had massive downstream effects on how operations and business process functions at Baird. NRC consultants worked as alongside developers and the business subject matter experts to implement changes to business workflows and solutions to comply with the Department of Labor regulations. NRC was able to quickly document current state systems and business processes to identify and implement changes within these in a phased approach to meet all Department of Labor milestones.  NRC built new work flows and system functions to guide financial advisors through the repricing efforts they face along with setting up new IRA accounts in compliance with the new regulations.


Aegis Sciences Corporation, TN | Data Sciences

NRC was responsible for the real-time replication of data into an operational data store and then near real-time into a dimensional data warehouse.  Data from other systems was integrated into the system including patients, physicians, claims and financials.

The dimensional model permitted multi-context views of the information including sample, patient, physician and claim. Sample data, captured in near real-time (every 15 minutes), provided the information necessary to track sample progress at any given point in time.

Multiple analytics were calculated within the warehouse and delivered to data marts for visualization. Third party data was integrated into the warehouse so it could be utilized in analytic derivations as well as be delivered to analytic sandboxes. Analytic sandboxes, utilized by data scientists, were constructed to produce predictive models that would be used for data monetization purposes.

Advanced Disposal, WI | Associates Program

Advanced Disposal needed to implement multiple PeopleSoft Financial Supply Chain Management modules in an aggressive timeframe. While a project such as this requires experienced specialists, Advanced Disposal also desired the opportunity to hire knowledgeable staff to maintain and support the new structure after the implementation. The project was a perfect fit for NRC’s Associates Program. Utilizing subject matter experts and senior consultants to perform the project while simultaneously mentoring the Associates candidates, NRC was able to successfully implement the modules, including a chartfield redesign and third-party data center migration, in the required timeframe. Upon project completion, Advanced Disposal hired three Associates, already fully trained on the PeopleSoft system and their internal processes.

"The Associates Program really helped bring in qualified, eager to learn and motivated talent to our team. The professional development led by the NRC team mentors helped our existing staff as well as develop the green beans into very competent team members. Each participant

Chief Administration Officer, Advanced Disposal

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