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For most software projects, failure begins with poorly defined business requirements. Typically, this includes an inadequately defined scope, meager objectives, sketchy business relationships and internal communication, a lack of establishing expectations, and scarce project monitoring. What differentiates NRC’s offer is that we’ve created a specific role and skill set to address these project deficiencies – a ‘Solution Manager.’ These individuals skillfully bridge the relationship between IT and the Business, providing the ability to accurately translate business needs into the technology process.

Benefits of the TSG Solution Management Program

  • Understands IT and the business’s ROI expectations. The result is the ability to set expectations and prioritize work.
  • Demonstrates the ability to clearly define a joint business and IT strategy and solution
  • Provides the clear communication needed to guide both the IT and business teams through the design and solution process

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Technology Solutions Group

The Technology Solutions Group (TSG) is specifically dedicated to build, support and maintain software packages.

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