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When your workforce does not have access to the systems they need to get their work done, there is a direct cost to your organization due to time delays and inefficiencies caused by unavailable systems. With New Resources Consulting’s proprietary PeopleSoft Security Tool (PST), an organization has the opportunity to provide their workforce the resources they need to be more productive. The PST is a workflow-based security automation program that reduces the turnaround time to complete security changes in your PeopleSoft applications. The PST also provides benefits in controls and reporting and auditing requirements for application access throughout your organization.

Benefits of the PeopleSoft Security Tool

  • Allows an abbreviated timeline to apply security changes needed for your application and users.
  • Reduces costs due to time delays and inefficiencies from inaccessible systems.
  • Increases reporting and auditing capabilities on application security functions.

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Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, NC | PeopleSoft Security Tool

Wake Forest Baptist Health wished to implement a process that would enable them to increase efficiencies and improve cost savings associated with the security lifecycle of their PeopleSoft system.  Implementation of New Resources Consulting’s PeopleSoft Security Tool has provided Wake Forest the ability to build off of their existing security structure, while streamlining work efforts and increasing system availability.

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