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Good consultants, with strong technical and/or business skills, are in demand and command high salaries. Even if you have the budget for a top-notch veteran, they are in short supply. And, if you find someone and successfully bring them on board for your project, once the project is complete, they are off to the next big project and you still need a resource to maintain your application. New Resources Consulting instituted the Green Bean Program to identify, train and groom talented graduates to fill technical and functional support roles for enterprise applications. Our Associates Program graduates have real-world practical experience working on implementations and upgrades – in fact, specifically on your project – combined with classroom training from our staff of top-notch consultants.

Benefits of the Associates Program

  • Provides opportunity to hire qualified, skilled, and integrated candidates for difficult-to-fill positions.
  • Recognizes typical project savings of 10 - 20% over the course of a 6 - 9 month project.
  • Delivers on-the-job and evening training sessions for candidates that are also open to your employees. Sessions cover technical topics, as well as project and meeting management and other ‘soft skills.’

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Advanced Disposal, WI | Associates Program

Advanced Disposal needed to implement multiple PeopleSoft Financial Supply Chain Management modules in an aggressive timeframe. While a project such as this requires experienced specialists, Advanced Disposal also desired the opportunity to hire knowledgeable staff to maintain and support the new structure after the implementation. The project was a perfect fit for NRC’s Associates Program. Utilizing subject matter experts and senior consultants to perform the project while simultaneously mentoring the Associates candidates, NRC was able to successfully implement the modules, including a chartfield redesign and third-party data center migration, in the required timeframe. Upon project completion, Advanced Disposal hired three Associates, already fully trained on the PeopleSoft system and their internal processes.

"The Associates Program really helped bring in qualified, eager to learn and motivated talent to our team. The professional development led by the NRC team mentors helped our existing staff as well as develop the green beans into very competent team members. Each participant

Chief Administration Officer, Advanced Disposal

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