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New Resources Consulting Establishes Data Sciences Group

November 30, 2015

New Resources Consulting (NRC) has expanded their current solution offerings with the creation of the Data Sciences Group, focused on the development and execution of strategies that improve business intelligence, analytics and big data capabilities for clients across multiple industries.

Recognizing the need within the marketplace for organizations to fully understand and utilize the data available to them, NRC formed the Data Sciences Group to provide clients with the ability to identify and employ useful data to address current and future business challenges. The Data Sciences Group has the unique combination of technology expertise and business acumen, providing the ability to optimize the use of an organization’s data. Offerings include data integration, data warehousing, data exploration and visualization, and advanced analytical services.

“The Data Sciences Group assists both business and IT leaders to assess data from multiple sources and integrate it in a manner that enables comprehensive, timely, priority‐driven business decisions,” said Joe Barron, Vice President, Data Sciences Group. “Our mission is to turn data into information that produces knowledge which drives innovation and fuels competitive advantage.”

Highlighting the Data Sciences Group’s solution offerings is their proprietary ‘Analytics Blueprint,’ a detailed plan that will allow a client to engineer an analytics system utilizing best practice approaches and available technologies, customizing the system based on an organization’s desired priority of features.

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