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Top Takeaways from the HIUG Conference

June 23, 2017 | Brian Beinborn, Candice Carden, Jon Drosdick, Brian Morrison, Don Weber

As we close out another successful Healthcare Industry User Group (HIUG) annual conference, below are NRC's Top Takeaways from the 2017 event:

The Move to Oracle Cloud.  Oracle continues to invest and promote the integrated features of Oracle HCM and ERP Cloud to support an agile, high-performing healthcare enterprise by enabling patient-centered, value-based healthcare with a unified and secure healthcare cloud solution.

The Increased Importance of Healthcare Data.  Due to the political landscape’s impact on healthcare, there is a greater emphasis on data.  The ability to access and retain comprehensive healthcare records will become even more vital to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

The PeopleTools 8.56 Upgrade is Available.  Now available for install, the upgrade comes with new features for development and system improvement.   For an overview of the updates and enhancements available, refer to the attached features and benefits video and PeopleSoft Information Portal at

The Demand to Get More from IT Budgets.  Even with an increased emphasis on healthcare data access and retention, there continues to be a push towards reduced IT budgets.  One of the areas which healthcare organizations are able to reduce IT budgets is through legacy and redundant system retirement, removing maintenance costs associated with duplicate or unsupported systems.

The Continued Need for Efficiencies.  As healthcare organizations strive to improve staff, operation and support effectiveness, the majority of healthcare organizations are taking advantage of integrating their EMR and ERP systems.  NRC clients have realized increase operational efficiencies and overall productivity, which has shown results of more than 20% increase in staff efficiency.

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