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The Future of PeopleSoft

December 17, 2017 | Candice Carden, Mike Doyle, Brian Morrison

The message from Oracle was consistent throughout 2017: Oracle's PeopleSoft commitment remains strong. Oracle has delivered more than 900 new features since the release of PeopleSoft 9.2 in March 2013. In addition, Oracle has clearly stated that, while current support is through December 2027, this is not the end of life date. Going so far as to update the Apps Strategy page to read "The current December 2027 date is NOT an end of life date for PeopleSoft. There are NO plans to end investment or de-support PeopleSoft."

Even with the reasurrance of Oracle's commitment to PeopleSoft, many PeopleSoft users have struggled with whether to upgrade their system to 9.2 or, if running 9.2, to decide if they should move to Oracle Fusion or adopt a Hybrid approach.  Below are some common scenarios we see from clients, along with costs and impacts of their decisions:

Option #1

Run PeopleSoft 9.2 On Premise

  • Deploys new features
  • Develops Continuous Delivery Strategy to stay current with Updates
  • Adopts hybrid approach if/when your organization is ready
  • Result:  Low Cost/Low impact to organization compared to traditional upgrades

Option #2

Institute Hybrid Approach + PeopleSoft 9.2 On Premise

  • Runs “Critical” PeopleSoft environments on premise
  • Gradually adopts SaaS applications on Cloud
  • Utilizes cloud based applications that can benefit from mobility
  • Result:  Higher Cost/Lower impact to organization

Option #3

Migrate to Oracle Cloud or SaaS Application

  • Is ideal for clients that are heavily customized on earlier version of PeopleSoft
  • Adopts modern best practices and eliminate customizations
  • Result:  Lower costs compared to traditional upgrade and infrastructure costs/Higher impact to organization

Option #4

Run PeopleSoft 9.2 in Oracle Cloud (IaaS)

  • Saves on Infrastructure
  • Keeps Customizations
  • Allows for gradual adoption and integration SaaS applications on Cloud
  • Result:  Low cost/low impact on organization

NRC can provide Cloud Readiness and Optimization Assessment to help your organization determine the optimal path and timing for your journey to the Cloud.

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