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A New Breed of Integration – PeopleSoft FSCM and ImageNow

January 10, 2016 | Lee-ann Ramsaran

Not too long ago this world was filled with tons of storage rooms filled with endless paper as it is a requirement by law to keep documentation for a various number of years for audit purposes. Today the world is rapidly moving towards better, more sophisticated software such as PeopleSoft and ImageNow that can solve this problem.

What is PeopleSoft FSCM and ImageNow and do they integrate together? ImageNow is an Enterprise Content Management Software that works in conjunction with PeopleSoft FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management).  There can be various interfaces within PeopleSoft FSCM and ImageNow.  PeoplesSoft FSCM and ImageNow are two very powerful software systems.

A little insight, PeopleSoft FSCM holds all the major Financial and Supply Chain entries while ImageNow holds all paper records electronically stored with key data elements linking to PeopleSoft, making audits fast, accurate, and easy for many large companies while eliminating all paper storage. I have implemented/upgraded PeopleSoft Accounts Payable, Purchasing and Procurement Contracts to interface with ImageNow, leaving users a click of a button away from finding the transaction with an electronic paper trail. YES! No more digging inside of a storage box. Every USER’S dream come to reality.

As many people are aware, Accounts Payable has high values of invoices, therefore interfacing these two systems has eased the pain of many users.  Many large companies today are thriving with this new source of technology. This unique skill and systems will leave customers wanting more, and in the Financial world it’s all about accuracy, time and labor.

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