Keeping Your System Fit – Data Archiving

Keeping Your System Fit – Data Archiving

I was able to pull up the page in seconds in January.  How come it takes minutes in October? The batch processing window used to be much shorter before; now we are not able to meet the SLA requirements. What’s happening? Remember the help desk calls regarding PeopleSoft application performance issues and DBAs, PeopleSoft Administrators and Network Administrators on long conference calls trying to find a solution? Most often they find that issue is related to data volume and recommend a data archival strategy.

PeopleSoft Enterprise applications collect and store valuable business information that must be managed effectively. However, for many large companies, managing this critical information is a very difficult task.  Every day millions of rows of data are added to the database, which results in larger database size and eventually meager system performance. While some companies add more hardware resources in terms of disk space, memory, CPU etc., to deal with the issue, others spend time researching and implementing an effective data archival strategy. While adding more resources may alleviate the issue temporarily, it does not address the crux of the issue – effective data management.

Do we really need to store all of our data or can we archive the data that is no longer needed? To answer this question one has to understand the need behind storing all the data in the database. More often than not, data is retained to address the statutory data retention compliance requirements, in addition to trend analysis and reporting requirements.

So, what are the drivers for archiving? What are the advantages? What factors must to be considered for a successful data archival strategy? What tools are available to implement the archival process? Can we use delivered PeopleSoft data archival manager and implement successful data archiving? What medium do we use to archive the historical data? Can we access the archived data easily? These are some of the pertinent questions and require a detailed analysis of the system involving all stakeholders, both business and IT, to define the business, legal and IT requirements for developing an effective data archival strategy.

Are you ready to trim that extra data and keep your system fit?

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